Write a good CV as a Commercial

A well-made CV is the key to landing the job of your dreams as a salesperson! It will allow you to pass the first roadblock and access the job interview. But as you may already know, it is easier said than done. We hope this guide will help you create the perfect curriculum vitae.

Look After your Image through your CV

If you choose to add a photo to your business CV, which is by no means mandatory, select one that is smart and that values you. Avoid official photographs, the ones you use for your identity papers. They project a strict and unattractive image for the recruiter. Without having an expert draw your portrait, invest in beautiful and elegant photos. Better not to put a photo at all than to recover a cleverly cut vacation picture, for example. In the commercial profession, presentation is important and your photo should reflect this. You have to show the company that you will represent it as well as possible. Furthermore, the whole document must be attractive. So, use a specialized website that can generate a CV online.

Adapt the Header of your CV to the Commercial Sector

Beware of the biases, good and bad, of recruiters. It is up to you to decide if you mention your marital status, your age or other personal information. Just know that by specifying them, a significant part of recruiters will read your resume and will be likely to interpret it one way or another. Your mobility is an asset in your job search! If you like to travel and work on the ground, specify it. If you are ready to move to a new job as a salesperson, for example, mention it in your curriculum vitae.

Specify the Title of your CV

By specifying the name of the position sought in the title, you multiply the impact of your CV. Avoid to send a CV with a mistaken, non-understandable or oversized job title. For example, Commercial Director for a Commercial Position. You disqualify yourself from the start by writing this! Instead, opt for the generic terms “Technical Sales Field for 10 years”, “Engineer Commercial IT”, which are related to the desired position. Lack of time is a reality in the recruiting market. It is harmful but this situation influences the CV processing pace. Therefore, you will improve your chances to be fully read if the important word stands out at a glance.