Why you must file a biennial statement under the guidance of professionals? – Explained

The biennial statement is a recognized official type of document that every other business owner should file once or twice a year depending upon the need that comes in their way. Companies that have been running with limited partnerships and non-profit organizations can skip filing such biennial statements, while the rest of them, running as LLPs, LLCs, and corporations should compulsorily file them with the relevant State Department. If you are planning to establish LLC in NY then it’s highly recommended to work with a renowned corporate service provider in the first instance.

What does the biennial statement entail?

The biennial statement represents the valid piece of information related to,

  • The LLC name
  • LLC organizer’s address, same as the service of process address after getting holding of consent from the respective corporate services provider
  • The Department of State Number.

Why you must choose to work with a bunch of professionals to set up a corporation in NY:

If at all, you are about to file the biennial statement without obtaining any form of help from a recognized corporate services provider, then you will have to face unwanted consequences in the future. The major role of the professionals is to guide you and be on your side throughout the process and ensure no type of problem happens in any format.

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