Tips For Immersing Yourself In Street Photography

Street Photo is not about taking pictures on the street, but about giving added value to the photographer who is looking at it. When you go out to photograph the street, try not to document it, but to give your vision of the environment around you.

Choose A Discreet Team

The good thing about this photographic style is that the moment is more important than the quality of the photo. That is why so no great need photographic equipment, to the reverse, compact cameras and even the smartphones are your best allies.

When I started this, I used to carry a full-frame camera and enhancer, which gave me a lot of quality, but it made me lose millions of photos since I couldn’t go unnoticed due to the size and especially the noise from the mirror. On the street you have to be a ninja, that’s why I recommend a team:

  • Make it compact, the smaller, the better. Remember that we do not want to look like professional photographers. Instead, we have to be tourists in our city.
  • That it has manual controlsSometimes having presets like hyperfocal, or being able to control exposure helps a lot.
  • With a fixed focal point, with which you feel comfortable. Once you know your target well, you can mentally pre-frame before you even bring your eye to the viewfinder.

Minimalism As A Way Of Life

A little in relation to the above: forget about tripods, various lenses, filters and all kinds of gadgets: we can indeed experiment with different elements of the cameras (such as the flash), but the reality is that, to take a photo of the street, you need nothing more than a camera or a smartphone.

The good street photographer always (or almost always) carries the camera on him. It doesn’t matter if we go to the city center or the supermarket, the reality is that you never know where you are going to see the photo. The fewer elements and junk you have, the easier it will be to meet this goal.