Things To Note Before Your Wedding Photoshoot

If it is already a challenging and tedious task to manage every single detail of your wedding. Imagine choosing the photographer who will be responsible for recording each of these details and affectionate moment on your very special day. Have you considered the price to pay when you opt for cheaper photography packages? Would low-quality photos be the only commemoration of one of the best moments of your life?

Some brides you ask may regard the wedding dress or the DJ as the most important element of the wedding. However, many may also agree that photography is an aspect that you will need to splurge on as choosing the ideal photographer is one of the most important decision to make in organising your wedding!

1. Set the photography style

Before you start contacting a wedding photographer, it is essential to know what style of photos you want to have in your wedding album. You must know which type fits the couple’s personalities and chemistry best. You want photos to represent and show how the couple think and feel, especially on this very special day. Thus, the wedding photographs should best reflect the couple’s individuality and emotion on that momentous day.

There are three main styles of photography to consider:

  1. Classic photos: posed and planned records.
  2. Spontaneous photos: these records are often taken without the bride and groom noticing
  3. Photojournalism: records that tell a story, without poses, with different plans and capturing unique expressions

2. Assess the budget available for photography

Think about how much of your total budget you would like to allocate for photography.

The photographer deserves a reasonable rate for his services, but you should not splurged unnecessarily. Being responsible for capturing the memories of one of the most incredible days of your life, it is important to invest properly on photographers.

Focus more on the value the photographers provide as opposed to the cost for their services. Try to adjust the price based on the possible expenses that the photographer have to incur, in terms of labour and equipment cost. Maybe there are some aspects that you do not require, and it will be less trouble for the photographer as well.

3. Know When to Hire the Photographer

As with popular local photographers, their schedule tends to fill up quickly. Once you know the date of your wedding and decide on the style of your photos, start shopping for a photographer. A tighter timeline limits your choices. Additionally, the end of the year is a peak season for wedding photography, alongside February, as the second month of the year punctuates the romantic season for couples.

4. Analyse the Photographer’s Portfolio

When you find a professional you liked, log on to their website or check their social media. Send an email or chat in person to reach out to them. This can be an effective way of evaluating his previous work. Credentials and awards would be a nice bonus for photographers.

Many wedding photographers make their portfolios available on the internet, so it will not be too troublesome to start finding out more. You can make an appointment and check more photographs in person. During the meeting, take the opportunity to ask more questions about their service.Try to find out more about them as a person to start building a healthy and longlasting partnership. You can view our photography services here at