The 6 Fascinating Bidet Types That Should Replace The Toilet Paper

Singapore is no stranger to the manual and automatic toilet bidet. As the years go by, more and more householders in the country are installing this handy plumbing fixture that shoots water to cleanse the bum. It is slowly becoming the favoured choice over toilet paper, which does not do the tush-cleaning job better than water-based alternatives.

Bidet vs Toilet Paper

According to Dr Evan Goldstein, a New York, USA-based rectal surgeon, the bidet clears the backside filth better than a few square sheets of toilet paper. Bidet users argue that wiping smears the faecal matter and bacteria around the rear without cleaning the said region. Despite the promises made by toilet paper brands, a bidet toilet seat or attachment found in many Singapore bathroom supply stores cleanses the buttocks better. They are far superior to wads of toilet paper because of their powerful rinsing action that washes away stool bacteria and other substances.

Aside from having poor cleaning abilities, toilet paper can also cause injuries to the butt. Its dry and abrasive surface can irritate or tear the soft and fragile skin of the anus. The manual and electric or automatic toilet bidet may shoot water at surprising forces at times, but it’s safe to say that it will not cause bum pain and bleeding.

Bidet Types

Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures are coming up with brand new bidet models every year to accommodate the growing demand for these convenient butt cleansers. Since its debut in the 18th century, bidets developed into versions with different functions and forms. To help you choose which type fits your preferences, here are six bidet styles that can adorn your high tech toilet bowl in your Singapore abode:


Stand-Alone Bidets

Stand-alone or freestanding bidets are widely popular in numerous Western countries. They are known as the most traditional type of bidet that was first introduced in the early 1700s. The stand-alone variant is a bidet toilet seat separated from your Singapore home’s toilet bowl. It is made from ceramic and looks a lot like your bathroom throne—their only distinction is that the stand-alone bidet has a faucet or a spray nozzle.

This non automatic toilet bidet type does its job well, but some people have a few issues with it. Washing your rear on a separate fixture requires you to stand up and awkwardly walk to the stand-alone bidet, which can cause discomfort and excrement-smearing.


Handheld Bidet Sprayers

Handheld bidets are like showerheads for your booty. It squirts water through a sprayer and a hose connected to the toilet plumbing behind the bowl. Handheld bidets are the most common bidet type found in Asia. It is a budget-friendly option for modern or high tech toilet bowl owners in Singapore. It also offers flexibility and convenience by allowing you to direct where the water shoots. You can even control the water force it expends—the harder you press, the higher the pressure directed at your rear.


Electric Bidet Seats

Japan is known for its brilliant toilet bowls, and electric bidet seats play a massive role in it. These innovative bidets replace your typical toilet seat with a modernised one spruced up with an array of buttons that offer various functions, ideal for your high tech toilet bowl in Singapore.

Electric bidets let you choose the temperature of the seat and the water it ejects. Patting dry your bum is also unnecessary because these specialised toilet seats come with built-in dryers. Some electric bidet seats even have nightlights, perfect for sleep-interfering bathroom trips! Much like a touchless faucet, you do not need to hold an electric bidet seat’s nozzle for it to work. With a push of a button, the wand moves and sprays water in various intensities for a thorough wash.


Non-Electric Bidet Seats

Non-electric bidet seats offer very few similarities with their electric counterparts, but they are available at a more economical price. This bidet toilet seat is a popular Singapore alternative to the pricey electric ones. It also has a nozzle, but you do not need to hook it up to an electrical outlet. Instead, it is powered by your toilet’s plumbing connected through the T-valve. If you do not need fancy features and a customisable experience when doing your business, the non-electric bidet seat is the perfect addition to your bathroom throne.


Built-In Bidets

If you are planning to do a full bathroom renovation, getting a high tech toilet bowl in Singapore with built-in bidets might be the better choice for you. Fitted bidets eliminate the unsightly issues that attachments pose. They also offer a seamless bathroom experience since the toilet bowl and the bidet came from a single manufacturer. This combo also comes with an automatic toilet bidet and a self-cleaning feature. However, these streamlined innovations cause built-in bidets to come at a high price. But if you are after a hassle- and worry-free bathroom business time, the 2-in-1 toilet and bidet combination is made for you.


Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments give you the benefits of bum washing without tearing down your bathroom. They are made to fit every toilet type, even a high tech toilet bowl in a lavish Singapore lavatory. As its name suggests, bidet attachments slide into the toilet bowl right underneath the seat. They are the least expensive bidet option in the market, costing less than a standard bidet sprayer.

However, the affordability of a bidet attachment caused it to lack the features that an automatic toilet bidet has. It may not warm your seat or dry your butt after use, but you can still customise the pressure and nozzle to create a personalised business time inside the bathroom. Bidet attachments also hook up to the T-valve of your toilet plumbing system. Some newer models also offer an additional hose that connects to your warm water supply. Bidet attachments may not be the best booty washer in the market, but it does the job better than a plain sheet of toilet paper.

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