Small Business Choices in the Right Options


An important factor in the calculation of your tax refund is having a side job or holiday job and any travel expenses you have incurred. If you had a job or part-time job or did a holiday job, even if it was only for a few weeks, then you paid tax through your employer and can therefore get a part of it back.

If you had to travel more than 10 kilometers by public transport to get to work from your home and you received little or no travel allowance for this, you can also get a travel allowance. This means that you usually get more money back. Now you can go for the small business taxes made easy now.

Payroll Tax Paid

You can only get tax back if you have paid more than 14 euros in tax this year. You can find this on your annual statement that you have received from every employer. This is usually stated under the heading ‘ loonbelasting ‘. If you have worked for several employers and have therefore received several annual statements, you can add the amounts together.

Did You Have A Tax Partner?

You can only use this calculation tool if you are not married and do not have a tax partner. You have a tax partner if you are registered at the same home address and you also meet one of the following situations:

  • You have a notarial cohabitation contract and you are both of age.
  • You bought a house together where you live together.
  • You are registered with a pension fund as a pension partner.
  • You have a child or one of you has recognized a child of the other. From 2012 it also applies if a minor child of one of you is registered at your address.
  • You were also tax partners the year before.
  • If you do have a tax partner or are married, you can file a tax return through the tax authorities. They will then calculate it for you neatly.

Other Income

Another important factor is any other income in the year for which you file a tax return. If you had a paper route in addition to your part-time job or holiday job or if you did some freelance work on the side, you have often not yet paid tax on it.

This could mean that you will receive less money back or even have to pay something. Benefits, such as health care benefits, and student finance are not counted as income. You do not have to pay tax on this.

Study Costs

If you have incurred costs for a study, such as tuition or tuition fees, books, paper or copying, you can also state this. This is only possible if you have spent at least 250 euros and you have not received student finance.