Simple ways to protect customers and staff at your workplace

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It’s the role of an employer to make sure that both their customers and staff are in a safe workplace environment. Business owners should put in place measures that protect both parties be it when a break-in happens or fire guts the building. Both teams need to feel safe as they carry on with their activities. How can this be achieved?

Here are a few simple ways to protect staff and customers at the workplace

·      Installing security cameras at your workplace

Customers especially will most likely feel protected when they walk into business premises that have CCTV cameras installed. Employers on the other hand will work knowing that if something were to go wrong, the cameras would record it. Security cameras create an environment of protection while also keeping a close eye on both the staff and employees. Every activity is recorded as it happens to depend on their location. Security cameras can be placed not just inside the building but also outside. When set up correctly, you can see who is outdoors and front doors without moving. So in scenarios where say maybe theft occurs and grievances occur, video playback may be the only thing that saves the day.

·      Not providing opportunities for robberies

Work on improving your business infrastructure if you want to protect customers and staff. Robbers are usually attracted by what they see on display. Take an example of a jewel shop selling expensive watches and necklaces. The fact that they’re in the open already creates an opportunity for robbers to attack. If you’re to insist on displaying your items, try putting dummies which even if stolen won’t be a loss. For a business that deals with money, it’s best to hide the cash drawer from the general public.

·      Keep all areas well lit

Keeping all or some areas of the building well lit keeps the facility and occupants secure. Customers will most likely want to purchase from a well-lit shop compared to a darkly lit one. Also, attackers find it much easier to target poorly lit stores because no one will notice their faces. When choosing to light for your business, find out if it makes it easy to observe the site and makes it easy for security guards and alarm systems to be seen. Another thing is to get emergency lighting systems. They operate as duplicates during emergencies like when there’s a power failure.

·      Training employees

It’s important to train employees to defend themselves and also protect customers during situations. Security provision is no longer just a thing for security guards but staff too. They too need to be trained on how to defend themselves, spot intruders, shoplifters and vandalizes. Once your employees have the required skills on how to spot a shoplifter or thief, it saves the customers too. They can immediately call the police and report the incident before it happens to save themselves, the customers, and the business itself.

·      Put up fire detection systems

Customers and employees don’t need to be protected from just robbers but also fire outbreaks. Putting up fire alarms or fire detectors to provide notice to building occupants through a transmitted signal which goes directly to the fire department. Suppression systems that have automatic sprinklers also help control the fire. This reduces property loss and also protects staff and employees.

·      Staff adequately

Effective staffing involves having the right numbers of people at the right place. Proper staffing reduces the chances of crime happening on your premises. How this works is that firstly, criminals will fear to act because they’re being watched. Secondly, in case something were to happen your staff would be able to save the situation provided they know what to do.

·      Reward staff for safe behavior

Rewards will encourage employees to keep up with good behavior. Reward those who follow safety policies, who report suspicious activity, and remind others about the importance of being vigilant. In case others haven’t yet adopted the same culture, they will automatically start to because they expect a reward. Overall acts such as these contribute towards workplace safety including customer and staff safety.

·      Provide parking security

A lot of crime has been known to happen in parking lots. Business owners should consider outsourcing to security companies. That way security guards can monitor parking lots during work hours. They can achieve this by making planned and unplanned visits to the parking lots to make sure that customers don’t get mugged when leaving especially at night.

For the most part, some security guards should directly be stationed at parking lots at all times. That way they don’t have a chance to hide around waiting for someone to rob.

·      Outsourcing security services

The best thing about outsourcing especially to a facilities management services company is that they can handle all your workplace security needs which involve protecting customers and staff. They provide security guards that are trained to protect people in busy and simple workplaces. Their main job is to prevent crime from happening and also intervene in case a problem or situation escalates. That way police can be contacted for backup when things get worse.

In addition, security guards work well at manning checkpoints, verifying IDs at the entrance, and watching the CCTV cameras. Even more when spotted by burglars, shoplifters, and vandalizes, they will fear committing a crime.

For staff that work every day, they will be confident knowing that someone will take care of things in case a break-in happens. On the other hand, customers will comfortable shop if it’s a retail store knowing someone is looking out for them.

Final thoughts

There’s no harm in preparing for the security of your staff and customers. Interruptions such as break-ins or robberies can happen any time so it pays to prepare in advance. Besides, both parties are extremely essential for the growth of your business. So, as an employer, it’s a great idea to create a safe environment for them. Use these tips to get started and also outsource to a security agency for an even better experience.