Safe and Affordable Neighborhoods to Consider in Fort Lauderdale For Relocating

If you are thinking about relocating to Fort Lauderdale, then there is a need to consider the cost of living. Cost of living means the total money needed to thrive and strive in the lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale. The rates of goods and services differ from one city to another, so calculate the cost of living and find out if it is affordable or not.

Cost of living will include variables like –

  • Housing affordability
  • Transportation expense
  • Food rates
  • Entertainment costs

Generally, your cost of living in Fort Lauderdale will be associated with your income. The index associated with the cost of living allows you to compare directly with the different areas. For example, the overall index of Seattle is 46% more than Fort Lauderdale. Check the cost of living calculator on the internet to confidently determine where to migrate.

South Florida City Fort Lauderdale is attracting everyone from retirees to young professionals because of the affordable cost of living, amazing climate, beach access, and many things to do. If you are planning a move to Fort Lauderdale, then you will need to book movers and determine the area to rent or buy a home.

Ship a Car, Inc. is the top Fort Lauderdale Florida Car Shipping CompanyIt has been offering people a smooth and safe moving experience for the last 30 years. They are well-informed about the ins and outs of safe moving, so you don’t need to worry about your moving experience. You need to focus on choosing the safe locations to stay in Fort Lauderdale.

Coral ridge [ideal for retirees and families]

Coral Ridge offers you waterfront views with accommodation options like a condo, house, or townhouse. You will find great outdoor spots like the Birch State Park and kids can gain access to the Bayview Elementary School. It is only 10 minutes’ drive from Downtown. You can join Coral Ridge Yacht Club, take Seven Isle tours, sign kids for kayaking camp, enjoy paddleboarding, and go fishing. There are also good spots to eat and listen to live music.

Imperial Point [Perfect for retirees, families, singles, and young professionals]

On the northeastern edge, you will find single-family apartments and homes. Pine Crest School and Westminster Academy are top private schools in Imperial Point. Kids and adults can stay active playing basketball, jogging, or learn martial arts. There is a Library and Imperial Massage Spa center. The food scene is also great.

Rio Vista [Impeccable for retirees, families, singles, and young professionals]

It is the safest neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale and is located alongside the New River and Stranahan River. You will find contemporary apartments and Mediterranean-style homes. The area is surrounded by top-rated schools, restaurants, and parks. Join Lauderdale Yacht Club, play tennis, go on the Riverfront Gondola tours, and visit a health center. At Savor Cinema watch foreign films and taste delicious meals at the eateries.

Victoria Park and Tarpon River are also a couple of safe and affordable neighborhoods to consider for staying in Fort Lauderdale. Remember, to book the movers in advance to benefit from a great deal!