Prospects for the development of cryptocurrency

The advent of cryptocurrencies has dramatically changed the perception of the world about finance and business principles. Over the past ten years, they have been criticized, considered a cause of crime, and accompanied by both high earnings and failures. The emergence of cryptocurrency is a part of the crypto-economy (digital economy), which is based on fundamentally new technology – blockchain.

The essence of cryptocurrency determines its main advantages: confidentiality, and hence, the security of these owners; independence from the state; the absence of territorial and time restrictions in transactions; low-cost maintenance, etc.

How to secure bitcoin anonymity?

The anonymity of transactions with the help of cryptocurrency can simplify complex business processes, innovative blockchain technologies, and the fact that its participants can independently regulate their level of anonymity. In this case, such a platform as Bitmix can be used. Bitmix in one transaction mixes at the input bitcoins of different users and produces several payments simultaneously. This makes it difficult to compare and identify actions with money. It provides a fully automatic mode without saving any logs or wallet information. Each owner of the cryptocurrency can also instantly delete all data previously in manual mode after confirmation

During the operation, the service gives important information: a letter of guarantee, a code for confirming the ownership of money, the address of a cryptocurrency wallet – it is important not to accidentally close the tabs with this information, since it will later be useful for returning the transferred money.

In order to stay safe, it is also recommended to make the purchase of small amounts on cryptocurrency exchanges that do not require account verification or the use of decentralized exchanges. If you want to make a big investment in bitcoin, then it is better to use a lot of wallets and accounts on exchanges.