Online Cake Shop: A Helpful Guide In Choosing the Perfect Cake


You cannot call your event a celebration without a delicious cake. Whether you need a birthday cake, a party cake, or a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore, you should be aware of what you need to consider. Aside from the taste, planning where you will order your cake online in Singapore is one of the most crucial things.

Since there are various cake designs and flavours to choose from in an online cake shop, it can be frustrating to go cake hunting when you’re a newbie. You might encounter the feeling as if you want to take and eat them all. Who can resist a good chocolate or vanilla cake from a patisserie in Singapore? With every type of pastries and sweets lined up waiting for you to choose them, you have to admit that it can be tricky.

Fortunately, you can find interesting patisserie in Singapore with pastry chefs who are in charge of meticulously baking your all-time favourites bread, macaroons, pie, mousses, cakes, pudding, tarts, pastries and cookies.

It can be a bit overwhelming to choose from an online cake shop. Here’s some information to help you decide the right one for your celebration.

Types of Cake You Can Choose From

Sponge cake

A sponge cake or also called genoise cake in French, you can find in an online cake shop, is a pastry consisting primarily of egg whites, flour, and sugar that traditionally relies on air to raise it. Sponge cake is preferred for its adaptability since it is delicate and fluffy, and it will absorb the taste of whatever you serve it.

Genoise is delicious baked in a round cake pan and glazed that you can also prefer in multilayer or roll cakes that are more delicate inconsistency.

Butter Cake

It is a butter cake if the list of ingredients starts with cream, butter and sugar. Pastry chefs add baking powder or baking soda to ensure that the mixture rises in the oven after they complete the creaming. You can find a butter cake from a patisserie in Singapore in various flavours and colours, including yellow, chocolate, marble and white.

Pound Cake

Pastry chefs create a pound cake using a pound of each of the following ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar or a combination of these four. Recipes for the modern version vary, but the result is always the same: a thick, buttery cake that’s easy enough to make and adaptable to go with various decorations.

Chiffon Cake

You may consider having your birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore with a chiffon cake. It blends the flavour and tenderness of beaten eggs and oil, and it’s also a delicious combination. Fluffy foam, flour, and fat are combined to make this treat, and you can flavour it with anything from orange to dark chocolate.

Red Velvet Cake

With no protest, it’s safe to say that red velvet cake is a crowd favourite. To be more precise, it’s a buttery cake with oil instead of butter. The chocolate used in this recipe gives it a unique red velvet texture.

You can choose from other types of cake that you can find from a patisserie in Singapore, such as carrot cake, flourless cake, yellow butter cake, white cake and many more.


How To Choose The Perfect Cake For Your Celebration

Now that you know the types of cake you can consider when ordering from an online cake shop, here are more tips to help you find your style dedicated to your event.

Make a decision based on what you want.

In knowing which one is right for you, you need to know what you want first. What flavour do you prefer? What kind of style and peg do you wish to achieve? Is there any request you want to tell your chosen patisserie in Singapore? Do you have any modifications? Knowing the basics will help you find the perfect birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore.

Have a theme

This step is essential for any celebration. Most cakes made for events today have a theme to make them even more personal for the celebrant. How do you want it to look? Do you prefer traditional cakes? Or do you like it as unique as possible?

Have a clear picture of your desired cake so your online cake shop can help you achieve your dream birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore.

Know your budget

Make sure to determine how much you would like to spend on your birthday or wedding anniversary cake in Singapore. It will help if you are honest about the budget you only have with your patisserie in Singapore. In this way, you can order from your online cake shop depending on the cost of your customised package.

Once you are sure to order your cake online in Singapore, it’s best to contact them immediately to consult about your concerns.

Choose what flavour

From the types of cake we mentioned, there are other types of flavours you can choose from your patisserie in Singapore. You can either go for red velvet, chocolate, mango mousse, moist sponge or a Chrysanthemum tea cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you are unsure which flavour you want, you can contact your online cake shop’s website and request a possible recommendation. If you want a taste test and have an extra budget, choose some sample cake and order a same day cake delivery in Singapore.

Find the right online cake shop.

Once you have figured out what you prefer, you can now search for an online cake shop to cater to your needs. What type of cake and pastries do they offer? It’s best to go with an online bakery that works primarily in the kind of cake you desire for your special occasion. Check out their website and their previous designs.

Do they offer same day cake delivery in Singapore? How can you order their cake online? Do they offer fresh cakes? Make sure that your chosen online cake shop can help with your request and customise a package of your choice.

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