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In a fast-paced industry, having a flexible and comfortable company office is a must because the workspace is a place where everything happens. It houses the employees who are the blood and lifeline of the company. It is where brainstormers produce the ideas, plans, and strategies that could catapult the company towards success. It is the place where million-dollar deals are sealed. It is only reasonable to spend millions on commercial office interior design in Singapore.

Employees spend more or less half of their day in the office, and their environment drastically affects their work. It is harder for them to focus if their workspace is visibly disorganised and performs efficiently in the labyrinth of storage drawers and office desks. It could be a problem for smaller businesses with a small and unkempt workspace.

The Consequences Of Disorganised Commercial Office

Many people are unaware of the impacts of offices on the attitude and productivity of their employees. Employers have zero ideas that they can maximise the productivity of their employees by just altering their office layout or by changing their office desk in Singapore with an ergonomic one.

Here are the consequences of a disorganised workspace:


Have you seen your employees rummage the drawers, flick and toss piling paperwork, and turn their tables upside down to find a particular document they needed?

Misplacing papers and accidentally disposing of them is a common scene in a cluttered office. Companies lose at least two to three hours per week searching for the missing document. You could finish tasks within that wasted three hours if only you had an organized commercial office interior design in Singapore.

Additionally, you also risk the loss of information due to mishandled documents. This problem could impact company operations in many ways.

You can easily solve this problem by visiting an office furniture retail store in Singapore and purchasing fittings that organise your paperwork.

Work-related stress

The terribly uninviting view of clutters in the office adds to the stress employees experience in the workplace. Various diseases have been linked to stress, including heart diseases, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, and depression and anxiety.

Stress is not a trivial thing. Work-related stress has been one of the reasons why employees leave the company. Stress also kills the creative spark of your talent and burns out many staff.

As people said, happy employees mean a higher rate of productivity. Decluttering and improving your staff’s environment through office renovation in Singapore may help reduce work-related stress.

High absentee and attrition rates

Besides the aesthetic department, poor working conditions also refer to the furniture and equipment employees use.

Poor office furniture, such as desks and chairs, affect the physical well-being of your staff. If your chair is uncomfortable, expect your crew to complain about back pain and muscle stiffness. The unideal height of their tables may lead to the development of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Many employees seek medical leaves to take care of their physical pain. It also means reducing your productivity rate.

Employers can avoid these cases if they buy and provide an ergonomic office chair in Singapore. The structure of ergonomic chairs and tables supports the natural shape of the body, reducing muscle pain, back pain, headache, and other conditions that affect the well-being of their staff.

Distractions and discomfort

Employees need ample space to concentrate on working. The problem with small offices is they fail to provide employees with their own spaces. Because of this, employees easily get distracted by their co-workers. Having the tools your staff needs beyond their arm’s reach hinders efficient working.

For small offices, having a floorplan yet keeping personal spaces by designating areas and providing a home office desk in Singapore may help lessen the discomfort and distraction in the office.

These consequences are the challenges small offices face today, but did you know they can be overcome by strategizing your commercial office interior design in Singapore.


How To Transform Your Small Office Into An Efficient Workspace

It is a challenge for small offices to maximise their space without compromising the comfort and functionality of their workspace. You don’t need a major office renovation in Singapore to pull off an effective workspace layout.

Sometimes all you need is a unique choice of furniture, technology integration, and a few tweaks on your commercial office interior design in Singapore.

Here’s how to transform your small office into an efficient workspace:

Choose compact furniture

When you head to your office furniture retail store in Singapore, make sure to opt for compact office desks.

You don’t need a humongous office desk in your small Singapore workspace. If there are fewer tables, it also means less clutter on display. At the same time, you can use the space you saved for storage. There is also a compact home office desk in Singapore with built-in shelving and a keyboard drawer for additional storage.

Be smart with storage

Apart from purchasing an office desk with built-in storage in Singapore, you can also buy floating dividers that also act as cabinets. You can also save floor space by buying tall shelvings and cabinetry. These fittings consume vertical space instead of your floor.

Take advantage of the walls

You can take advantage of your vertical space by opting for wall mounted furniture. Instead of purchasing a rolling whiteboard, why not choose a pull-up projector screen?

You can also transform a portion of your wall as bulletin and mood boards for employees. You can also buy overhead and wall-mounted shelvings at your favourite office furniture retail store in Singapore.

Integrate technology

If you want to reduce your clutter, stop relying on paper. Integrating technology and automating your process will drastically reduce your paper consumption. It means there are fewer files and documents to print and keep. If there is less paperwork in the office, the fewer storage drawers and shelvings you need in the office.


If you want a long-term boost of productivity in the office, you must start by altering the design and layout of your workspace and switching to much better furniture. Opt for multipurpose fittings and buy an ergonomic office chair and table in Singapore.

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