How To Select The Best Roof Material For Your Patio

A backyard isn’t complete without a patio to supplement the look of your home. Where else will you be able to enjoy the view of your garden or any green space if you don’t have a resting place where you can eat and dine with friends? If you’re looking to design an outdoor space for your new home, then attaching a patio to your house is a must.

You have many choices in how to design your patio, but considering Singapore’s climate and weather, you should opt for a covered patio instead. Covered patios help shade you against most tropical elements, including harsh winds, rain and storm, and of course, the oppressive sun and heat. Covered patios also double as a cool shaded area to hang out with friends and family in your backyard.

Designing your covered patio


Thinking of designing a home with a patio? The first thing you should think about is the various shading options to choose from. There is a diverse range of shading options for you to choose from. You can check out some stationary or retractable awning types, or invest in patio umbrellas.

For those who want a sturdier or hardier option than fabric-type coverings, you can invest in patio roofing. Patio roofs provide a permanent covering for your patios and are popular because they last longer and are somewhat easier to clean and maintain.

Should you install a patio roof?


It depends on your budget and preferences. If you want shading options that can be used on certain occasions and days, it’s best to settle for awnings and other similar coverings because they can be put aside on days with good weather. They are great because they’re convenient to set up.

If you want something with a little more durability, you should go for solid roofs. Solid patio coverings and roofs will always provide better shading and protection on rainy days and even come in a variety of materials to suit specific climates and weather conditions. Here are just a few other advantages solid patio roofs have over fabric or uncovered roofs.

  • More UV-resistant and heat resistant materials available as roofing options.
  • Sturdier materials can offer better protection against rain.
  • Increases the resale value of your house (buyers are more likely to be interested in houses with covered patios!)

What kind of patio roofing material should I get?


Now that you’ve chosen solid patio roofs for your patio covering, what’s the best type for you to choose? It depends on your needs. Ask the roofing contractor company that will provide your patio roof materials what is best for you. Here is an introduction to some of the common materials used and what their strengths are.

  • Polycarbonate sheets.

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic famed for being lightweight as well as being resistant to extreme heat and cold. It can withstand a lot of stress and can last for decades. They also come in translucent, clear, or opaque options, all of which have UV protection. Polycarbonate roofs are usually made in panels and installed pretty easily. The one disadvantage that this roofing material has is probably its higher cost compared to other similar materials.

  • Steel roofs.

Steel is a high-quality roofing material. Steel roofs come in a wide variety of styles to suit any design of patio. They are also highly durable and can last for decades, much like polycarbonate. Some types of steel patio roofs are also highly heat and fire-resistant, which makes them perfect for the tropical climate of Singapore. If you go for a steel roof, consult a roofing specialist for options that can be found in panels for easy maintenance and installation.

  • Vinyl roofs.

Vinyl and plastic composites are also popular materials that are used in patio roofing and shading. Vinyl is an incredibly desirable material for patio roofing. And for good reason: there are many pros to choosing vinyl or plastic for your patio roofing. For one, there are many kinds of vinyl roofing available with every sort of colour or pattern that you can think of. And it’s great for use in Singapore as well due to its extensive abilities in heat and sun resistance. Like the other types of roof materials, they are also easy to install. The sheets can be made specifically to perfectly fit the dimensions of your patio. They might be a little less durable than polycarbonate, but they are also more affordable.

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