How to Find out if a Customs Clearance Consulting Firm is Worth Your Time and Money?

 Getting custom clearance for imported goods in the US is quite a task. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge for a broker to get the consignment cleared at all ports. It is this complexity that makes consulting firms safer than traditional brokers. The process of customs clearance is so long and complicated that anything can go wrong at any point of time. Thus, a team is any day better than an individual broker.

So, what exactly should you be looking at when trying to book a customs clearing firm? If you’ve found yourself wonderful the same, then this guide about the features that elite custom consulting firms have to offer is going to be a pure bliss. Have a look!

  1. They Offer Fast Clearance Services

Their team is a bundle of consultants, brokers, logistics, and much much more. So they’re able to handle the work better., for instance, takes about 30 odd minutes to get a cargo cleared at customs most of the time. In fact, in cases of parcels that need additional permission, they get it done within 3 hours. As a result:

  • You don’t have to spend more money since the storage fee is reduced.
  • Your consignment reaches the destined warehouse without a delay.
  1. Their Customer Support Agents Resolve issues Deftly

One of the keys to successful and quick clearance is proper communication. And Clearit USA has a definite approach towards multi-communication. As a result of which their live agents are able to resolve any query that the customer has.

  1. Their Pricing Policy is Transparent

Elite consulting firms have a transparent pricing policy that makes them trustworthy. So, whether buying cargo insurance or paying the fee for ISF filing and online bill payment, their numbers are out in the open.

Amid many such firms, clearit USA leads the race since they post their pricing menu online. Why? What gives them that confidence? Well, that’s because:

  • Their industry rates are cheapest.
  • They have no hidden cost conditions.

Thus, they put everything out in the open.

  1. They are Everywhere

Whether your freight is arriving by ocean or sea or truck, they are present at all coasts and borders to get it cleared all across America. Your agent is supposed to provide them with the commercial invoice. Once that’s done, they plan and file all the paperwork to get the parcel cleared.

  1. They Can Increase Your Sale on Amazon

Whether you’re residing in America or anywhere in the world, clearit runs an fda program that helps importers sell their products on amazon.

So, be sure to not overlook these deciding features that’ll make importing simpler.