How do Paint and Sips work?

Looking for a refreshing and relaxing way to conduct your next get together or party? You may want to consider a Paint and Sip event. If you are unfamiliar with how this works, keep on reading to find out more and to answer some of your questions.

What are Paint and Sips? 

Paint and Sips is essentially a class or an event that features a professionally-led painting class accompanied by flowing drinks, particularly alcoholic drinks. Over the years, it has become a booming industry. If you’re looking for a paint and sip in Denver, you might have come across a ton of places offering you similar services. 

What happens at a Paint and Sip party? 

At a paint and sip party, you will be given all the painting supplies and painting smocks you will need. Tables, chairs, as well as plates, platters, and glasses will be provided, too. Although most parties serve drinks on-site, you are still allowed to bring your own munchies and drinks. 

A painting instructor will orient you on how to begin with painting. Afterwards, you are free to do it using your own style. You also get to chat and drink with your friends and colleagues during the session. A light, lively music will also be playing in the background to keep the space warm and alive. If you require specific arrangements, you can always talk to the studio.

Why choose a Painting Party?

Painting parties are particularly great in providing a casual yet inviting and warm environment for socializing and making connections. It puts a good twist on an otherwise normal event. Moreover, you have the option to hold your event in-studio, off-site, or virtually. Stuck at home during a lockdown? No worries as you can throw a virtual Paint and Sips party easily at the comfort of your home. 

Although paint and sip parties usually come with alcoholic beverages, we are still suitable for people of all ages. Most studios offer children friendly classes and parties. A painting party would be highly suitable for creative and artistic children.

Whether you genuinely enjoy painting or just looking for a novel way to hold your parties and events, throwing a Paint and Sip party is an overall amazing idea. They are perfect for any kind of event or celebration. Plus, you won’t have to set up anything since the studio will do everything for you.