Doing Business in Hong Kong: Management Tools for Hong Kong Secretarial Services 

Working as a Company Secretary implies a lot of work. It involves handling, sorting, and replying to business letters received by the company, identifying and organizing different tasks and writing them in a calendar, setting up meetings and giving notices to attendees, and last but not least, attending to the different needs of the Board of Directors and the company. To do all these things, a Secretary needs to use different Management Tools for their convenience. If you’re subscribed to Hong Kong Secretarial Services, everything is taken care of.

Some Management Tools for Secretaries that will make their work efficient:

  1. Messaging Tools. The secretary has to communicate not only with the Board of Directors but also with the rest of the company workers. Good messaging tools must be employed to carry out these functions. Some of the notable messengers include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram IMO, etc.

One of the important things to look for when choosing a messenger for a company is its security. For this reason, some companies even subscribe to private providers where they have to pay a certain amount to avail of the services. Usually, these programs are not simply messengers but productivity tools as well just like Basecamp and Wire.

  1. Board Meeting Software. One of the functions of a secretary is to prepare the minutes of the meeting whenever the company has one. Prior to this, they have to set the agenda for the meeting, send notices to all attendees, and write the activity on a calendar for scheduling. Just like the messenger bundle, the board meeting software comes in a bundle that integrates with Board Management Software, which will be discussed in the next topic.
  2. Board Management Software. The Board Management Software of the company should cater to the needs of the Board Members. It should be able to store on its database the board meetings, memoranda, and resolutions. The program should be powerful enough to store sensitive materials that are only accessible to privileged people whether online or offline. Some of the notable software in this category include BoardDocs, BoardPAC, Board Portal, BoardEffect, BoardBookit, etc.

The use of Board Management software will facilitate the usual routine of the Board of Directors and the secretary like annotate documents, manage notes or comments, make real-time changes, and vote for proposed amends to be implemented by the company.

  1. Board Assessment Tools. One of the difficult jobs of a Board Member is to evaluate themselves and their co-member. Good thing is that there already are software available in the market for this. Things can go smoothly as the evaluation can be assured to be done effectively. With your purchase of Board Management Software, it’s already included there.
  2. Conflict of Interest Form. Conflicts are a part of a company process where different ideas or situations arise. This can be a small piece of paper devised by the secretary to take notes of company conflicts and how it is processed.

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