Different Types of Folding Boxes To Choose From

Every product needs a box before it gets dispatched. Right from cosmetics to food, the packaging is what states the quality of the product. This packing away also includes household appliances and gadgets. And so, today, we are going to share with you the guide to selecting the right type of packaging box for all types of items:

1) Reverse Tuck End (RTE) Box

Has tuck flaps on the opposite side of the box. This type of box is helpful in the packaging of electronics, cosmetics, and health & beauty products. The box is however not good for storing heavy products. On the positive end, they are cost-effective and can be easily transported from one place to another. Easy to store and can be placed in compact spaces for optimal space management.

2) Straight Tuck End (STE) Box

Has tuck flaps on the same side of the box. These boxes are great to look at because they have no visible raw end which makes them a good option for visible storage units. They are usually used to package healthy and beauty products along with cosmetics. These boxes are quite expensive as compared to RTE boxes but then again provide you with optimal spacing options. They can be easily transported and stored.

3) 1-2-3 Bottom Box Styles (known as Tuck-top snap lock bottom boxes)

These boxes come with a snap-lock in the bottom that allows them to bear the added weight when it comes to packaging bulkier products. They provide compact storing when it comes to excessive packaging and provides easy assembly too. For obvious reasons, they cost more than regular tuck-end boxes. These boxes look well on storage shelves and are a great option for regular packaging and long term storage.

4) Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes

This is an ultra-simple box type where the bottom tucks in automatically after the box has been placed into shape. Really good for packaging heavy items as the bottom closure can provide the necessary additional support. Has the added advantage of fast assembly that enables speedy loading. A good compact storing option.

You can find all these box varieties at boites pliantes Netpak and get your packaging sorted. Selecting the right box is essential for packaging, and so, you must speak with the supplier about the items you plan to store and thus get the right packaging boxes for the job.