Choosing & changing passwords for IP Cameras – A quick guide!

More businesses are relying on IP Cameras for better premise security and surveillance. IP Cameras have changed the way businesses manage data, because there is no need to have hardware to record everything. However, hackers have found numerous ways to hack these advanced surveillance systems, and it is necessary for your company to select the right backdoor password for such devices. In this post, we are guiding more on how to create strong passwords for IP Cameras. 

Know the basics of passwords

You need to ensure that passwords used for video surveillance systems are strong, with special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters included. Do not select a password that’s easy to guess or is remotely related to your company, business details or people who work for it. Also, all default passwords must be changed immediately after you have installed firmware. 

How to change passwords for IP Cameras?

  1. The first step is to log into the IP Camera using a browser. You will be using the current admin password. Most vendors offer easy steps to complete the procedure, so follow that to log into the system. 
  2. You will find what is called the ‘configuration’ tab, where you need to select the user, and you will find options to modify details. Enter the password based on the suggestions we mentioned earlier. Most firmware will confirm is the password is strong. 
  3. Once that’s done, confirm the same, and your password for IP Camera is set. 

Please note that passwords need to changed periodically, and keep an eye on access. In most cases, hacking attempts are successful because someone within the team was not good at managing and changing passwords.

Other things to know

If you are new to buying and installing IP Cameras, find a vendor you can rely on and check the product features. The purpose of such surveillance systems is to ensure that you get access to the data when required while also ensuring security of your entire business premises and office. Changing passwords for IP Cameras is also easy. You can log into the account, find the choice of ‘system configuration’, from where you can select the user and again ‘modify’ the password. Make sure that IP Camera passwords are changed with care, and no two passwords should be the same. 

Lastly, ensure that your firmware is updated to the latest version. Used aptly and as recommended, IP Cameras can be great business investments for security.