Brainstorming and Innovation – Not Always Working Any more

Well, I have had a pretty large personal library exceeding 3 dozen books on innovation. How interesting that these uncover exactly the same and many types of have nearly the identical advice, especially according to the ‘art of brainstorming’. Still, because of all the new social norms being trained attending school nowadays, where every question requested from the professor, it doesn’t matter how stupid, is met with “Great question,” then adopted with the nauseating improper British “okay so… ” adopted having a regurgitated answer – it’s inducing the same nonsense in brainstorming sessions.

Really the only chance today from the brainstorming session developing a brilliant original solution should be to have somebody inside the group who’s already a cutting-edge genius who is able to speak up, defend their concept against politically correct and established order bias and personally persuade the crowd to yield for his or her idea. Still, this sort of individual is indeed a ‘Thought Leader’ plus a legitimate thought leader hardly needs a brainstorming group or any group for example to start with.

Brainstorming isn’t working any more for innovation, and you’ll improve creativeness in the YouTube Cat Video nowadays. Corporate R&D Departments aren’t producing much either taking into consideration the a large amount of money they purchase the innovative process. Those who predict the lengthy run to enable them to see to the searching glass aren’t much better employing their methodologies.

Innovation money for hard times and Future Conjecture

Let’s make Futurists around the world Future Society (WFS) becoming an interesting situation study. The WFS has workshops to teach you ways to think about as being a Futurist, symposiums with special concentrate on trend projections and innovation. Isn’t it interesting how all the individuals from the WFS will be on one page, and the way their predictions are actually incorrect (90% of occasions)? How is this? It may be because if you educate visitors to think inside a certain style, they lose the creative edge or capacity to complete high-level original thought, when you’re confine their thought process to logical thinkin?g (left brain thinking) when the students who want to focus on innovation need to be both left and right brain thinkers.