Best Results with the Merchant Processing Works

General sites are supplemented by specialized “business” sites. For example, if a recruiter is looking for a communication assistant for his IT Company, he can post his offer on three types of sites: a site specializing in the profession (assistant-secretary), in the function (communication) or in the industry (IT). In all cases, to locate an offer, the candidate will have to enter the appropriate keywords into a search engine. In this case, “marketing assistant” or even “marketing department”

It is important to update your CV or even modify it even if only a comma so that it goes up in the sites. There are also specialty sites “regions”, and sites of government agencies. Finally, do not neglect cooptation sites, whose principle is to recommend a person from his professional or personal entourage. The recruiter awards a bonus of up to $ 1,000 if you help him find the rare pearl. Then there are the options you can learn how to become a merchant account provider and earn properly.

What about General Sites?

These generalist sites, all sectors, all functions and all regions which are aimed more at a non-managerial population in which we mainly find advertisements for TPE (very small companies) or SMEs (small and medium-sized companies). The advertisements can be published there for free, there are therefore many and the positions are often to be filled “locally”.

Once you have identified the sites suitable for your research, how do you submit your CV to be the most visible?

It is advisable to post it on a few large generalist sites, but also on job sites specializing in the sector of activity or the profession that one wishes to occupy. Small tip: it is important to update your CV regularly or even to modify it even if only a comma, so that it goes up in the cv of the sites. And it is possible to hide his identity and his last professional experience. Indispensable when you are in post. Finally, consider creating email alerts and downloading mobile applications. You will be able to consult the announcements at any time.

Network Architect

Very technical, the network architect ensures the design of an IT structure, a set of servers (computers where internet sites and various media are hosted) and good tips to keep the sites alive. He designs, plans, organizes and supervises the implementation of computer systems, and all this while ensuring to follow the specifications of the company (lower cost, speed of exchanges, maximum availability).

His qualities: He must love to code, reboot computers remotely, master English, and know how to work in a rush. A good spirit of synthesis and imagination are required to imagine flexible and innovative IT structures. As well as strong interpersonal skills: which includes strength of conviction and a quality of perfect listening.

Where does he work? The network architect works more and more, within private companies, such as IT services companies, computer engineering services. It is above all a team work, since it could be brought as much to collaborate with the directors of companies which use its networks, as the suppliers of the servers.

Which route to follow? It is necessary to have a BAC + 5, obtained after an engineering school, in particular in the specialty of telecommunications or at the university, following a professional master of communication system and networks.