Amazing facts about the port of Chennai

Chennai is one of the beautiful and environment-friendly cities in India, having beautiful beaches and a controlled crowd. Being an industrial hub and a coastal city, Chennai has India’s 2nd largest container port located in the Bay of Bengal.

Most of the trade, import, and export in India is channeled through the western and southern regions and maritime trade from this port has roots back to 1693, however, the official port operations began in 1881. The port of Chennai is the largest artificial port in India and is also open for transportation.

The port has a mega container scanner to scan the containers which arrive at the port. It has some special containers which can give the real-time tracking facility to track your shipment easily which makes the port equipped with smart facilities.

History of the port of Chennai

The port of Chennai was operating on an undeveloped shore from 1693 and proceeded to be established as a port in 1881. It has come out to be a hub of containers and cargo shipment in India. It has three docks and the connectivity through this port is all over the world and has a huge capacity to handle the traffic of transportation.

Why is Chennai port different from other ports?

Chennai port is situated in the Bay of Bengal, and it is the largest port in these waters. It has a record of shipping large tons of crude oil in the Indian ocean for the first time.

  • It has the oldest or modern type of lighthouse which is currently in operation to light the port.
  • It is the biggest commercial port in India, it has 100+ tones of lift and large cranes to handle the containers.
  • It has special inspection facilities for the cargos and the containers, PSA Chennai has the special feature of a rail sliding facility that is directly connected to the docks through vessels, which makes the transportation easy and seamless.
  • PSA Chennai has rail lines of 750m each, which can handle vessels or containers easily to docks.

Special facts about the port of Chennai

Some special facts about this port are:

  • It has special lines for the containers which make transportation easy.
  • A special feature of having their railway which can handle the containers easily, which makes the Chennai port the commercial transportation hub of India.
  • It has the special feature of a terminal shunting yard and is the only port in the Bay of Bengal having this feature.
  • This port has heavy equipment to load and unload the vessels and containers and it has good connectivity to land and air transportation as well, which makes things very easy for day-to-day import-export.
  • It has a huge cargo storage area, is an artificial port, and has huge buildings and areas for storage purposes.

Connectivity and the role of the port of Chennai in shipping operations

This port carries out intensive shipping operations and has these amazing characteristics:

  • It is an ISPS certified port having good connectivity all over the world.
  • It can handle the 2.8 million special containers which make Chennai port business-friendly and owned by the Chennai port trust and the government of India.
  • Chennai port has a special terminal for the international transportation of containers and vessels, which can ship oil, machinery, and other products to other countries as well.
  • It also has an RO-RO terminal for shipping cars safely. It has a cruise terminal and is the only port having this feature in the north coast region, also has the features to protect the port from natural disasters.

The port of Chennai is one of the important ports of India and it holds its place in maritime operations in India. To know more about the shipping operations at this port, you can check out