9 Industries That Reap The Benefits of Logistics

The world has been more connected with each other in recent times. It even seems that borders are now only for geographical separation because of the connection among nations.

Have you ever wondered about how the snack you are eating ended up in your pantry? The innocent bottle of shampoo you use every day? Or even the television series you watch every night? Those are the products of globalization or the connection between nations. Cross-border transfer of goods, services, media, and even technology is one manifestation of this process.

The question now is the process behind the smooth movement and transportation of goods among countries.

Logistics is the key player in aiding the seamless connection between countries. A freight forwarding company in Singapore provides businesses and enterprises with means of transportation to move goods without any issues. There are three ways to move around: land, air, and sea. Land transportation is good for items that only require a short distance by automobile or truck. Air transportation is when you need to transport from one country to another in the least amount of time possible. Lastly, sea travel is for a high amount of commodities and will take time.

That is the wonder of a freight forwarder in Singapore. Transporting anything is possible while meeting your business objectives.

Here are examples of industries that benefit from the advantages brought by logistics.


Consumer Goods

The everyday products we use at home did not just end up there by chance. It is the product of a very complex web that involves research & development, manufacturing, and logistics. Consumer goods are manufactured and then handled by the appropriate logistics company to provide service to the business. Aside from transporting goods, they also take care of inventory and supply management. It ensures a smooth flow because the distribution of items to specific places is a requirement.

The means of transportation used for this type of industry is usually via sea. They use container vans due to the high quantity of items.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The most common struggle faced by pharmaceutical enterprises is the proper storage and transportation of their items. It is because healthcare-related commodities require extra caution when being transported. Medicines come in glass bottles that can shatter when mishandled. Or vaccines need a specific temperature to keep them in good condition.

The advantage of a shipping agent in Singapore is to aid the movement and storage of these goods to reach the intended people without any issues. Especially in this time of the coronavirus pandemic where distributing vaccines across the world should be efficiently conducted. Logistics companies also partake in research & development to expand their expertise in handling such products.

The means of transportation for this industry is a mix of aeroplanes and cargo ships. It solely depends on the quantity and time requirements.

Industrial and Heavy Equipment

Industrial firms use heavy equipment to fulfil their purposes in creating structures. This heavy-duty equipment often requires a special kind of transport because of its size and weight.

A forwarding company in Singapore can provide you with the appropriate service for such items. It begins with disassembling the equipment before being packed into a container van or a flat rack in a cargo ship. Then it is finally assembled back once received by the business.

The advantage of this is the ease of movement. Businesses from all over the world can now acquire equipment for their construction needs.

Automotive Industry

Automobiles are one of the most commonly used commodities in the world. They provide people with the convenience of moving from one place to another without any issues.

Freight forwarding in Singapore benefits places without automobile assembly operations. Shipping them to these types of countries ensures accessibility to consumers.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels provide a temporary place for people to settle. It caters to any consumer who needs to stay in one place for a certain period. Given the diverse need for a hotel room, the hospitality industry always seeks to provide the best service for its customers.

So how does a shipping agent in Singapore improve a hotel business? Hotels need large equipment ranging from furniture to kitchen and restaurant needs. The benefit of this is to have those large-scale items to be seamlessly transported to the hotel.

That is the wonders of efficient transportation. No item is too big so businesses can meet their objectives.

Electronics and Technology

This industry is highly competitive because time is crucial. There should be a seamless connection with the units involved in manufacturing electronic devices.

The process of freight forwarding in Singapore can contribute to the efficiency of this industry by providing them with reliable service. Time is always a priority because businesses have objectives and goals to meet.

Given the conditions set by this industry, the preferred shipping method in this industry is usually air travel.

Food and Agriculture

It is another industry bound by time responsibilities because food and agricultural products are perishable. The great thing about a shipping agent in Singapore is they can transport those goods via air travel to ensure the quality of the product.

Luxury Industry

The value and prestige are what makes luxury goods stand out. On occasions the discerning client does not have access to a specific luxury product, a company can always provide an air freight service to deliver the item as fast as possible. It also maintains the condition of the item.

Personal Use

Yes, the average consumer also needs shipping services. This benefits immigrants and expatriates who wish to transport huge items like furniture or even their cars when moving to a new country. The company uses container vans to store their large-scale items safely. All they have to do is travel to their destination and wait for the arrival of their cargo.


A forwarding company in Singapore can do all the wonders in transporting all kinds of things. They consider the time requirements, handling, and the number of items to provide accurate and reliable service. Whether an enterprise or an average consumer, a logistics company will always have something for their needs.

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