5 reasons why every Canadian importer needs a customs broker!

Interested in starting your own importing business? Are you confused about importing rules, regulations, and compliance needs set by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)? Hiring a customs broker may help. Let’s start with the basics – All customs brokers operating in Canada are licensed by CBSA. There is no law that makes it mandatory to hire a broker for importing goods, but talk to successful businesses and importers, and they will share the experience of working with a customs broker. Whether you are importing a car from the US and need help with Clearit ITN numbers, or you wish to bring import dogs for commercial breeding purposes, Canadian customs brokers can help.

In this post, we are discussing more on why every importer needs a customs broker.

  1. To simplify the process. If you have no clue of how importing works in Canada, or you wish to understand the complications involved, Canadian customs brokers can be handy. These brokers transact with CBSA directly, so they don’t need to be present at the port of entry to get your shipment cleared. For many importers, the idea of clearing shipments without extensive research is a big advantage in itself.
  2. To get help with Non-Resident Importer Program. If yours is a company outside Canada that wishes to sell goods in the country, non-resident importer program can be handy. There are select brokers who offer assistance in this regard.
  3. Because everything is online. Canadian customs brokers work with clients in a simplified manner, where it is typically very easy to book an air, truck or ocean shipment through the website of the broker. Many brokers even have a Duty & Tax Calculator on their website, which can be used to calculate duties and taxes.
  4. To import a car. As we had mentioned earlier, importing a car into Canada, especially from the US requires an ITN / AES Number. A customs broker can help you understand the process, costs and other compliance needs involved.
  5. Because you need help with international trade. Truth be told, international trade agreements and related aspects are not easy to understand. Mistakes with importing process or paperwork can have serious consequences. Many customs brokers offer extended support for their clients, so that they can focus on their core business and remain compliant with CBSA requirements at the same time.

Check online now for customs brokers in Canada, and don’t shy away from seeking help right away to import goods.