5 of the most innovative startups in Australia

Australia has a vibrant startup scene, and over the years, it has continued opening its doors to incredible opportunities. The startups are spread across a range of industries, including financial and tech. In Australia, the startup sector is a significant contributor to the economy. Thus, it is safe to say this country is on the right track to becoming the new land of opportunities for startups. 

Some of them have received acclamation globally, including startups like Canva. Cities that are emerging as preferred as startup hubs are Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. These five of the most successful startups in Australia.


Canva needs no introduction even to those who aren’t from Australia. This graphic design platform is among the most loved by designers worldwide. Thanks to Canva, anyone can create their own amazing designs, although we always recommend that you invest in professional web design and digital marketing and any other part of the world. The CEO and co-founder of this company is an Australian woman who is among the youngest CEO globally. As of 22nd June 2020, Canva was valued at $6 billion and had 30 million users. This value is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years because of its excellent designs and accessibility.


This is another successful startup founded by William On and Rob-Hango-Zada in 2014 in the capital Sydney. This startup is cloud-based and powers delivery services businesses and merchants. Shipp’s total equity funding is $1.63 million. The company will provide you and your business with modern shipping solutions. It has partnered with industry giants, including TNT, Australia Post, and Mail Call Courier. As of 8th December 2020, the value ShippIt of this startup stands at $2.2.

3.Sprout stack

Sprout stack is an eco-friendly tech in the agritech sector that provides different communities with fresh farm produce, enabling them to lead healthier lifestyles. It is based in Sydney and was founded in 2016 by Francisco Caffarena. The startup is heavily reliant on revolutionary farming practices where fresh farm produce is grown using cutting-edge indoor agricultural methods and urban farming. Francisco has a business management background, and he has used this experience to lead his company successfully. Since its invention, Sprout stack has carved out its place internationally as a revolutionary agritech food company.

Lastly, Sprout stack’s in-house technology has enabled it to develop over eight different products for its clients via an intelligent and effective supply chain.

4.Campaign monitor 

In 2014 the Sydney-based startup Campaign Monitor was founded by Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner. It made news because of its seed funding of more than 250 million. It took the two founders an entire decade beforehand to make the email marketing company a massive success. They are now based in Sydney, San Francisco, and London. Campaign Monitor focuses on small and medium-sized businesses despite being Rolling Stones and Buzzfeed’s priority. These two are great web giants.


Scout is a tech recruiting company, and it was created by Stuart Hunter and David Smyth in Sydney. The startup began its operations in 2019, and it had total funding of $1.2 million. Although the core idea behind Scout is simple, it is also savvy. That makes it valuable to help fast-growing tech companies find suitable candidates for different positions within the organizations. Moreover, it allows these candidates to provide more relevant information concerning themselves.

These five startups are just a few of several successful startups in Australia. They help individuals and companies connect to the proper sources and make their lives more meaningful and business operations more manageable.