5 Australian Startup’s to watch this year


It is no surprise that most people would prefer working in a startup instead of an established company. You must be wondering if they are trying to avoid the workload. Well, that may not be necessarily the case. Most startups actually have a lot more to do than the established companies. 

Among the things that make them attractive is the relaxed working environment. Startups are also known for their entrepreneurial spirit, which most people find motivating. Career progression is usually easier with startups, and it is easy to get a high job title. Whether you are looking for a startup to work for or looking for inspiration to start your own venture, here are some of the enterprises you should be looking at. 

  1. Volt Bank

Earning the first digital bank title in Australia, Volt Bank is a force to reckon with. The bank was granted a fully-fledged banking license allowing it to accept deposits from the public. The neobank has also integrated several technologies in its operations, enhancing collaboration. 

Through these tools, the bank has ensured that its employees have a great remote working experience.

  1. Employment Hero

Employment Hero is an Aussie startup that blew up with the emergence of Covid-19. Since the onset of the virus, businesses have been working with Invictus Partners to get advice on software investments like Employment Hero.

The startup is inclined to HR technology and has been instrumental in helping businesses shift to remote working. So far, the startup has been successful in giving businesses that support to change to remote working. 

This is a trend that most businesses are looking to stick with even after the pandemic has cleared. The startup has roughly 200 employees, and as it grows could be employing more people. 

  1. LAB3

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a big test on organizational resilience and agility. LAB3 is among the companies and top startups in Australia that could hold it together amid the pandemic. LAB3 is a tech company that helps businesses become scalable by leveraging cloud technology, among others. 

They have innovative solutions that help businesses fully utilize their cloud experience. Driven by innovation, the startup is always on the lookout for creative talent. Working at LAB3, you will be able to enjoy the work-life balance and gain valuable experience through high-profile projects. 

The fact that the startup has a retention rate of 98.5% further sweetens the deal.

  1. WithYouWithMe

WithYouWithMe is a startup that looks to make a difference by helping unemployed veterans land jobs. The startup helps the veterans get tech jobs without having to invest in training and education. They identify potential in the interested persons and enroll them in their training programs to prepare them for the positions.

 The startup has secured a partnership with the Canadian government, and the future looks bright for it.


If you are looking to get a job with a competitive salary while simultaneously getting experience for career progression, then a startup would be an excellent place to look.